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Red tape is a never ending story. Laws and regulations keep changing, and there is always something new. On this page, dedicated to readers of MELTA's "Guide for Freelance Language Teachers in Germany", I will keep you posted on new developments and issues not addressed in the guide.

UPDATE 1: Running a web site

In the guide, you have information on what your Impressum must contain (page 16). Another requirement is a statement on the use of data. On English web sites, this is often referred to as a privacy policy or privacy statement. In German, this is called Datenschutzerklärung and can be included in your Impressum, or placed on a separate page. In any case, there should be a link to both your Impressum and your Datenschutzerklärung from your main page. Many web sites have such a link from every page. The scope of this statement depends on the data collected by your web site, the services you use, whether you have a contact form or social media plugins. Here is an easy way to get your very own Datenschutzerklärung:

Go to this page and tick the appropriate boxes, including everything that applies to the web site you are running (cookies, Google Analytics, Facebook/Twitter plugins, etc.). Always tick "Allgemeine Datenschutzerklärung" plus any other items that are relevant. Then, click on "Datenschutzerklärung erstellen". You can then copy the text that appears on the next page (either the text on the left or the html code on the right) and put it on your web site.

And remember: even if it sounds ludicrous, these sections are legal requirements, and omitting them is an offence that carries a fine and gives rise to costly warning, cease & desist letters that competitors, public chambers, consumer and business associations may issue.

UPDATE 2: Entertainment expenses

On page 13: bills exceeding €250 must be issued in your name. The amount has been changed with retroactive effect from 1 January 2017. Issued in your name means that your name and address must be printed on the bill (no handwriting).



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